A Simulated Permanency Teaming Process: Rudy's Story

Posted February 12, 2013, By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

Blog A Simulated Permanency Teaming Process 2013

A Simulated Permanency Teaming Process: Rudy's Story

This video series is an inside look at the critical steps in the Permanency Teaming component of the Lifelong Families Model. Through strategic, permanency-focused casework and the use of individual, joint and large team meetings, viewers will learn how a permanency team addresses Rudy's need for family. The video illustrates the many voices that are brought together in developing a plan with Rudy for permanence.

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This video is presented in nine chapters:

1. Background

2. Permanency Teaming Facilitator, State Social Worker and State Supervisor

3. Permanency Team Facilitator and Youth

4. Permanency Team Facilitator and Foster Parents

5. Permanency Team Facilitator and Birth Family Member

6. Permanency Team Facilitator and Attorney

7. Joint Meeting with Team Facilitator, Youth and Foster Parents

8. Joint Meeting with Facilitator, Birth Family Member and Foster Parents

9. Large Team Meeting

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