Carla Javits is Focused on Jobs (Millions of Them)

Posted December 20, 2017, By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

REDF President and CEO Carla Javits

Millions of Americans struggle to find work because of their history with homelessness, incarceration, behavioral health issues, substance use or inadequate education.

REDF is here to help.

REDF is the nation’s only venture philanthropy investing exclusively in social enterprises that help American workers get — and keep — jobs.

The organization’s president and CEO, Carla Javits, recently spoke to Casey’s Lisa Hamilton about REDF’s mission and impact. Their conversation explores — among other points — how the traditional workforce system fails to address serious employment barriers and how social enterprises can step in to help.

A huge thank you to Javits for sharing her thoughts and for her continued work helping vulnerable employees — and the organizations that support them — succeed.

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What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • About REDF.
  • What the term social enterprise means.
  • What role social enterprise plays in the broader landscape of workforce development.
  • Some key challenges facing America’s workers.
  • How REDF is expanding nationally.

Links and Show Notes

Conversation Clips

In Carla Javits’s own words…

“The traditional workforce system was not really set up to address these most serious employment barriers.”

“Unlike traditional businesses, social enterprises are taking their profits and they're investing them in helping people get a job and build the skills so they can stay in the workforce over the long haul.”

“Just the size and scale of the need is great… This can literally be a life and death issue for people.”

“We really need to see employers willing to invest in the management practices and the training and to have consideration around family-sustaining wages and working conditions to help people be successful at the front-lines.”

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