Civic Site Staff Talk Inclusive Community Planning in National Series

Posted June 13, 2014, By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

This week, our own Tramunda Hodges and Moki Macías from the Atlanta Civic Site team shared their take on inclusive community planning with participants on the Orton Family Foundation’s CommunityMatters monthly conference call series. The conference call series began in 2010 and has a nationwide audience including practitioners in the governmental, environmental, planning, social service and economic and community development fields. 

The June 12 call focused on how to create more inclusive processes for community visioning, planning and decision making: what it takes to get people into the room, spark the creative wisdom of those most affected by issues of common concern and facilitate action-oriented dialogue that acknowledges and addresses power dynamics. Following a presentation on the civic site's community-building principles and a case study of the Peoplestown Community Visioning day, 100 participants from more than 30 states participated in a Q&A session.

Highlights from the discussion included a conversation about how cities can break-out of traditional public advertising methods by tapping into informal community networks and supporting stand-alone communication vehicles; how to encourage cumulative learning and sustained leadership in communities while also involving new stakeholders; and strategies to avoid the dynamic of one person speaking for the entire community.

In addition to answering questions generated by participants, Hodges and Macías shared their perspectives on ways to create accessible spaces for public dialogue to occur and the need for targeted strategies to engage diverse stakeholder groups.

Listen to their presentation and discussion.

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