David Steinhart Wins Gerbode award

Posted November 21, 2012, By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

David Steinhart, the Juvenile Justice Program director for Bolinas, the California-based Commonweal research institute, is one of five recipients of the 2011 Gerbode Professional Development Award. 

The award is given annually by the U.C. Berkeley School of Social Welfare to nonprofit professionals “whose outstanding achievements are highly regarded by their peers.” The award includes a $10,000 grant to further professional development.  

"This came as a complete surprise," said Steinhart, who received his award during a luncheon at the U.C. Berkeley campus on May 4. "It is really a tribute to Commonweal's twenty year track record of juvenile justice advocacy and legal reform in California."
The fellowship is funded by the San Francisco-based Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation, which supports a range of progressive social, cultural, and arts organizations in California.

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