Growing Healthy Readers: Taking Action to Help Kids Start Out Healthy

Posted April 14, 2014, By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

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The Campaign for Grade-level Reading today released a series of resource guides dedicated to the connection between health and learning in the early years. The series, entitled Growing Healthy Readers: Taking Action to Support the Health Determinants of Early School Success, incorporates children's health and learning priorties into action plans for improving school readiness, school attendance and summer learning. Each guide includes research documenting the effects on learning, strategies for improving outcomes and case studies of effective local programs. 

The research team identified five children's health and learning priorties that most effect early learning, and developed seven resource guides to help communities address those priorities. These issues include: prenatal care and infant development; comprehensive screenings, follow-up and early intervention; oral health; asthma management; and nutrition and physical activity. They found that children who are on track in their physical, social and emotional development are more likely to become proficient readers.

These resource guides were developed to help communities and states take action on issues that affect children's health and learning:

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