Introducing Atlanta’s 2016 Community Investment Fund Recipients

Posted July 29, 2016, By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

Blog CIF Grant Recipients 2016

Atlanta’s Community Investment Fund Advisory Board has selected grant recipients for 2016. Funded projects aim to serve residents in a variety of ways — from developing community gardens and teaching financial literacy to pairing youth with rescue animals in need.

The recipients are:

Adair Park Today
Focus: Adair Park and surrounding communities
This nonprofit will work to enhance the quality of life for local residents and business owners through public safety, beautification and infrastructure improvements and community-building activities, such as a Porches and Pies Festival and a bicycling tour of eight historic Atlanta neighborhoods.

Eagle Tenant Association - Tenant Association of City View at Rosa Burney
Focus: Mechanicsville
The association will connect tenants of the City View at Rosa Burney Park Apartments by giving them an outlet to voice concerns and engage in community-building activities.

All Pro Dads
Focus: Adair Park, Mechanicsville, Peoplestown, Pittsburgh and Summerhill
All Pro Dads will support several activities for fathers and their children that encourage fathers to be more active, present and involved in their families, schools and communities.

Financial Literacy Investment Education and Wealth Building
Focus: Adair Park, Mechanicsville, Peoplestown, Pittsburgh and Summerhill
This project will educate participants on financial literacy and investment vehicles.

Peoplestown Neighborhood Association
Focus: Adair Park, Mechanicsville, Peoplestown, Pittsburgh and Summerhill
Through Grow Your Own Food 30315, a project run by Peoplestown residents, the neighborhood association aims to enhance access to fresh food by establishing home gardens and hosting lessons on cooking and canning fresh produce.

Kids 'R' Special Inc.
Focus: D.H. Stanton Elementary School students in Peoplestown
The Literacy in Motion Initiative, an after-school enrichment program, will teach language arts, mathematics and science with a focus on creating confident, intelligent and inquisitive young leaders.

The Luke Project Inc.
Focus: Adair Park, Mechanicsville, Peoplestown, Pittsburgh and Summerhill youth
This nonprofit will host a summer camp open to all young residents. The camp curriculum will cover basic life skills with a focus on physical fitness, business leadership, personal finance, personal branding, character, the arts and adventure.

Heaven Manna Life House
Focus: Adair Park, Mechanicsville, Peoplestown, Pittsburgh and Summerhill youth
This group will support an after-school and summer program that will include games and activities for local youth ages 6 to 18.

Truly Living Well Center for Urban Agriculture
Focus: Pittsburgh
In partnership with Truly Living Well and the Atlanta Community Food Bank, the Pittsburgh Food Cooperative will address local food insecurity by providing up to 100 households with affordable food. Participants will help support the co-op by paying a $3 bimonthly fee, assisting with food distribution and attending planning meetings.

Atlanta Beltline South Community Garden Coalition  
Focus: Adair Park, Mechanicsville, Peoplestown, Pittsburgh and Summerhill
Through Project Green Thumb - Keeping Southside Beautiful, the coalition will improve and expand local gardens to increase access to food sources.

Safe Routes to School
Focus: Dunbar Elementary School students in Mechanicsville
This project, led by a school social worker and parent, will aim to help children safely walk to and from school.

Summerhill Neighborhood Development Corporation
Focus: Summerhill
Funds will support the development of Summerhill Community Garden to promote community education and empowerment. In addition to supplying fresh vegetables and community-bonding opportunities, the garden will help foster healthy eating habits among residents.

Habesha Inc.
Focus: Dunbar Neighborhood Center in Mechanicsville
Habesha’s Sustainable Seeds after-school program will teach local youth about sustainable agriculture, cultural enrichment, entrepreneurship, holistic health and technology. A garden will serve as their classroom backdrop, providing students with opportunities to learn more about math, science and environmental sustainability.

The W-Underdogs Inc.
Focus: Peoplestown and South Atlanta youth
This nonprofit will support The Kids That Care, W-Underdogs in the Making, a summer camp that builds self-awareness and confidence in underserved youth by pairing them with rescue animals.

Foreverfamily Inc.
Focus: Adair Park, Mechanicsville, Peoplestown, Pittsburgh and Summerhill youth
This nonprofit, which supports children of incarcerated parents, will use funds to support an overnight youth retreat, in addition to helping youth develop their leadership skills through collaboration, critical-thinking, problem-solving and public-speaking opportunities.

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