Jim Casey Initiative Names 13 Young Fellows

Posted October 23, 2017, By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

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The Annie E. Casey Foundation recently named 13 new Jim Casey Young Fellows, who will be trained in leadership and advocacy skills to help inform the philanthropy’s nationwide efforts to improve outcomes for youth transitioning from foster care to adulthood. Working with the Foundation's Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative, Young Fellows play an important role in developing Casey's strategies and recommendations for improving child welfare systems.

The following are the newest Jim Casey Young Fellows with areas of interest:

  • Tiffany Darragh (Hawaii): Financial capability, employment
  • Evan Davis (Iowa): Normalcy for youth in foster care, agency staffing
  • Sonia Emerson (Ohio): Extending foster care to age 21, transition readiness
  • Tristan Haggerty-Mavilla (Pennsylvania): Facilitation, advocacy
  • Durwin Hanlon (Michigan): Services, relative placement
  • Elizabeth Lucas (Maine): Sibling visitation rights, normalcy for youth in foster care
  • Marco Martinez (New Mexico): Housing, normalcy for youth in foster care
  • Torie Mendez (Maryland): Group dynamics, self-actualization
  • Blanca Merced (Rhode Island): Education, normalcy for youth in foster care
  • Samantha Morrow (Nebraska): Adoption, employment, financial assistance
  • Lorena Noland-Dominy (Tennessee): Appropriate mental health treatment, quality of foster parents
  • Katherinne Peraza (Indiana): Normalcy for youth in foster care, resource awareness
  • Maria Rodriguez (Arizona): Permanence, normalcy for youth in foster care

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