Jim Casey Initiative Names Young Fellows From 12 States

Posted October 11, 2016, By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

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The Annie E. Casey Foundation recently named 12 new Jim Casey Young Fellows, who are trained in leadership and advocacy skills to help inform the philanthropy’s nationwide efforts to improve outcomes for youth transitioning from foster care to adulthood. Working with the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative, Young Fellows play an integral role in developing strategies and recommendations for improving child welfare systems.

The following are the newest Jim Casey Young Fellows with his or her areas of interest:

  • Rochelle Alvarado (New Mexico): Permanence, building social capital, sibling rights
  • Tammy Arias (North Carolina): Art therapy for youth aging out of foster care, youth development
  • Hailey Brooks (Tennessee): Postsecondary education, changing stereotypes
  • Amandalyn Brunelle (Connecticut): Quality of foster parents, sibling visitation rights, improving mental health and counseling services
  • Rebecca Daugherty (Nebraska): Representation of youth in domestic violence cases, improving youth-advocate connections, advocating for children who have special needs
  • Patricia Duh (Hawaii): Sibling visitation rights, normalcy for youth in foster care
  • Nyeelah Inniss (Georgia): Postsecondary education, normalcy for youth in foster care
  • Malik Jones (Maryland): Motivating and guiding youth to overcome peer pressure and negative influences to achieve their goals
  • Miranda Mizla (Michigan): Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth issues, the use of psychotropic medications for youth in foster care
  • Amber Munson (Maine): LGBTQ youth issues, postsecondary education
  • Ashley Pacheco (Arizona): Permanence, authentic youth engagement, prevention services
  • Maryana Stern (Pennsylvania): LGBTQ youth issues, permanence, postsecondary education, older youth adoption

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