Logging Into a WebEx Webinar? Here’s How.

Posted August 5, 2015
By the Annie E. Casey Foundation
Blog loggingintowebex 2015

Webi­na­rs are one of the many tools that the Foun­da­tion uses to engage part­ners across the coun­try in impor­tant con­ver­sa­tions about what kids, fam­i­lies and com­mu­ni­ties need to thrive.

Here’s what you need to know to get started: 

Before the webi­nar starts: Reg­is­tra­tion is required.

  1. You must reg­is­ter for a webi­nar in advance.
    Check your offi­cial email invite for the reg­is­tra­tion pass­word (it’s in there — promise. We even bold it for you to make it stand out). 
  2. With the reg­is­tra­tion pass­word handy, head to our webi­nar reg­is­tra­tion site.
  3. Select Reg­is­ter.”
  4. Fill out the form, then select Sub­mit.”
  5. Once you com­plete the reg­is­tra­tion form, keep your eyes peeled for a con­fir­ma­tion email with login details, includ­ing an event pass­word for the webinar.

Join­ing a webi­nar is a two-part process: Start with your password.

  1. Log­ging into a webi­nar requires an event pass­word. Check your email for a link to the webi­nar and the event pass­word (see exam­ple, above).
  2. Click the link for the webi­nar and enter your email address (it will be the one used to send the con­fir­ma­tion email) and the event password.
  3. Now that you’ve logged into the webi­nar, you can view the webi­nar. To hear the webi­nar, you’ll need to select an audio option, choos­ing from the options pro­vid­ed in a pop-up window.

Next: Choose how you want to join the audio-por­tion of the webinar.

The two options for join­ing the audio por­tion of the webi­nar are: 

  • by phone: Choose I will call in and then call in using the phone num­ber, access code and ID pro­vid­ed in your con­fir­ma­tion email.

    Every­one has a unique ID gen­er­at­ed by WebEx, so the webi­nar hosts can­not pro­vide it for you dur­ing the webi­nar. If you missed this infor­ma­tion on the pop-up win­dow, you can find it under the Infor­ma­tion tab.

    When you call in by phone, you’ll still need to lis­ten to your com­put­er to hear any videos played dur­ing the webi­nar (more on this below).

  • by com­put­er: Choose Call using com­put­er. (You can even select the Test speaker/​microphone” link to con­firm you’re good to go.) 

Some quick tips to ensure that you are webi­nar ready:

  • Par­tic­i­pa­tion via phone = high­er audio quality.
  • Par­tic­i­pa­tion via com­put­er requires (1) a strong inter­net con­nec­tion and (2) a speak­er or head­phones. Almost all Casey webi­na­rs allow atten­dees to engage with pan­elists through a chat func­tion, so you do not need a microphone.
  • Webi­na­rs may involve show­ing videos. Audio for these videos will flow through your com­put­er and use its net­work con­nec­tion. So even if you’ve opt­ed to use your phone for audio, you’ll still need to lis­ten to video from your com­put­er. To pre­pare for webi­na­rs with video con­tent, con­nect to the meet­ing via com­put­er and check that your com­put­er speak­ers are on and ready.

That’s it! You’re now ready for a Casey webi­nar. We look for­ward to your join­ing us. 

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