Marion County, Ramsey County Newsletters Showcase Reform Efforts

Posted December 17, 2012, By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

Marion County (Indianapolis), Indiana, and Ramsey County (St. Paul), Minnesota, highlighted the successes of their detention reform efforts, including their work to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in summer newsletters.

In Marion County’s newsletter, Superintendent DeShane Reed revisits the federal investigation that spurred needed reforms at the Marion Superior Court Juvenile Detention Center. The newsletter also details steps the county is taking to prepare for a lowered detention cap of 96, offers an update on the work of four JDAI subcommittees, and announces the expansion of the county’s evening reporting center.

Ramsey County devotes its whole summer issue to examining JDAI’s benefits and the negative consequences of racial disparities. One article discusses JDAI’s impact on DMC, and the Ramsey County’s dramatic reduction in overall detention population and youth-of-color detention.

Ramsey County Judge George Stephenson writes about how a change in thinking among stakeholders spurred detention reform. Former Minnesota JDAI Coordinator Angelique Kedem looks at detention reform through the lens of human rights.

Local JDAI newsletters, including Marion County JDAI News and Ramsey County JDAI News, are available on the JDAI Help Desk.

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