Members of the 2000 Children and Family Fellowship

Posted April 2, 2000, By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

Blog membersofthe1999 Childrenand Family Fellowship 1999

Above: (front) Norma Hatot, Peggy Mainor, Linda Asato, Mitchell Salazar; (back) Craig Levine, Carolyn Hayden, Leann Ayers, Abel Ortiz, Carla Dartis, Grant Jones

As part of the fourth class of the Children and Family Fellowship, the following community leaders are working toward system reforms that help kids and families:

Linda Asato
Executive Director
Wu Yee Children’s Services
San Francisco, CA

D. Leann Ayers
Special Assistant for Educational Services
KidZone Philadelphia Foundations, Inc. 
Philadelphia, PA

Carla Dartis
Vice President for Community Investments
Easy Bay Community Foundation
Oakland, CA

Norma Hatot
Senior Nurse Consultant
United States Public Health Service 
(can’t find city), MD

Carolyn Hayden
The Hayden Group
Severna Park, MD

Grant Jones
Executive Director
Center for African American Health
Denver, CO

Craig Levine
Senior Counsel and Policy Director
New Jersey Institute for Social Justice
Newark, NJ

Peggy Mainor
Executive Director
Baltimore Child Abuse Center
Baltimore, MD

Abel Ortiz
Senior Advisor on Health & Human Services and Juvenile Services
Office of the Governor
Atlanta, GA

Mitchell Salazar
Director of Southeast Sector Services Expansion Initiative
Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc. 
San Francisco, CA

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