More Children With Parents Who Lack Secure Employment

Posted December 9, 2014, By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

Blog More Children With Parents Who Lack Secure Employment 2014

In 2013, one in three children (23 million kids) lived in families in which neither parent had a regular, full-time job. Without at least one parent employed full time, children are more likely to fall into poverty. Even a full-time job at a low wage isn’t necessarily enough. Without access to benefits and tax credits, one adult in a two-parent family with two children would need to earn $11.64 per hour working 40 hours per week for 50 weeks per year just to reach the poverty line. Mississippi had the highest rate of children living with parents who lack secure employment (39%), while North Dakota had the lowest (20%).

Discover new employment data available for the nation, states and the 50 largest cities in the KIDS COUNT Data Center:

Children living in low-income working families by age group 
Children living in low-income households where no adults work 
Children whose parents lack secure employment
Children ages 6 to 12 with all available parents in the labor force
Children without a vehicle at home

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