Resources for Investing in a Strong Start for Children

Posted February 28, 2014, By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

New evidence from neuroscience and social science, high-level policy efforts and growing concern among business, military and other civic leaders have placed early childhood high on the priority list for donors focused on impact. Such growing interest has generated vast amounts of information and potentially useful guidance. The Center for High Impact Philanthropy recently developed a web-based "toolkit" to help donors cut through the noise. The toolkit provides key facts, strategies, exemplar programs and partners that any donor interested in early childhood should know. It also curates past work on early childhood by the Center.

Why Invest?

The toolkit provides donors with information about new research on brain development and function. It also highlights how to deteremine return on investment, connect with unlikely stakeholders and identify key players in early childhood development.

Strategies for Investment

Three key strategies for investment are described in detail: Weave a web of support for kids and families, provide great places to learn and prepare kids to be strong leaders. Additionally, the toolkit focuses on strategies to help children by helping their families.

Exemplar Programs

The toolkit highlights programs proven to support the healthy development of young children. Featured programs include Nurse-Family Partnership, the Incredible Years (implemented by Invest in Kids), Educare, Children’s Literacy Initiative and Jumpstart.

Learn more about the donor toolkit on early childhood from the Center for High Impact Philanthropy:

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