South Dakota Moves to Full JDAI Implementation

Posted March 17, 2014, By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

South Dakota’s two largest counties—Minnehaha and Pennington —implemented a full continuum of detention alternatives in January 2012.

The plan includes reducing the use of detention altogether for low- and medium-risk youth and partnering with community-based agencies on detention alternatives.

The state advisory group has aligned federal DMC funds with the two local JDAI steering committees, making JDAI the integral strategy for reducing racial and ethnic disparities.

South Dakota will also design probation response grids that use incentives and sanctions. The grids will be implemented locally and monitored with the support of the Unified Judicial System, the state’s probation agency.

"It’s been a very productive year for the state," said Stephanie Vetter, technical assistance provider and team leader. "Credit goes to the people on the ground—at both the policy and practice level—who understand the benefits of JDAI and are willing to do the hard work of implementation."

For more information, contact Erin Srstka.

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