Two-Minute Reviews: Videos Recap 2019 Data Book Findings

Posted June 17, 2019, By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

Two videos recap the 2019 KIDS COUNT Data Book

The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s 2019 KIDS COUNT® Data Book is here! With it comes two new videos that break down key data-driven topics: how the child population has changed since 1990 and how states compare in areas of child well-being.

Watch it now: How has the U.S. child population changed since 1990?

This video tells how America’s child population has grown — and grown more diverse — over the last 30 years, as reported in the 2019 Data Book. The quick two-minute clip also reminds leaders and communities to invest in policies that expand access to child tax credits and health insurance while prioritizing education and addressing racial and ethnic disparities.

Watch it now: How the states compare in the 2019 KIDS COUNT Data Book

This video touts the great work underway in the Northeast, which is home to six of the top 10 states in overall child well-being (including No. 1-ranked New Hampshire). Running just two-minutes long, the clip identifies never-been-better national statistics (teen birth rates and high school graduation rates) as well as data that deliver mixed results (kids without health insurance).

Both videos end with a simple message worth repeating — that all kids have incredible potential and deserve an opportunity to thrive.

Check out the 2019 KIDS COUNT Data Book

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