Two Out of Three Kids in America Are Living With Both Parents

Posted November 7, 2017, By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

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Two out of three children in America are living in a married-couple household, according to 2016 data — the most recent on record. Although this statistic has declined over time, it has increased slightly and stabilized in recent years.

Parents play important roles in a child’s development. Kids growing up in households with two parents in a low-conflict marriage tend to have better health, greater access to health care and fewer emotional or behavioral problems.

Nationwide, 33% of kids — 24.4 million children total — live with their mother (25%) or father (8%). Among children residing with unmarried parents, one in four kids live with a parent and their cohabiting partner.

At the state level, kids in Utah are the most likely to live in a married-couple household (82%) while kids in Louisiana and Mississippi are most likely to live in a single-parent household (both at 56%).Kids who live in a married-couple household are more likely to have access to resources that allow them to thrive. The poverty rate for married-couple families is almost five times lower than it is for a single-parent family (7% vs. 32%), according to the KIDS COUNT Data Center.

Access Family and Community data on the KIDS COUNT Data Center:

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