What Makes Casebook Unique?

Posted December 31, 2013, By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

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Many current information technology systems in child welfare fail to leverage 21st-century technology to support positive outcomes for children and families. Today there is an alternative: Casebook. Developed by Case Commons, Casebook is an innovative, internet-based application that focuses on results for families. It helps caseworkers to prioritize key tasks, equipping them with an easy-to-use dashboard that makes critical information available to them.

Casebook does not add to the day-to-day work of case managers. It enhances it. Casebook is organized and behaves intuitively. Using Casebook, caseworkers and supervisors are much more able to access and use data. A real-time family information management platform, Casebook uses proven social web models, enhanced by visual media, to support family-centered practice and strengthen team-based collaboration.

Unlike other case management systems, Casebook also provides hands-on help for caseworkers and supervisors. It supplies best-practice tools, enhances professional development and harnesses the power of computing to build data that is immediately useful for understanding individual cases and preparing compliance reports.

Frontline tools

Casebook provides:

  • A view of families and cases to help caseworkers and supervisors understand history and context quickly
  • Graphic visualizations to help users "see" family networks and manage complex relationships
  • Support for virtual case collaboration to reduce phone and travel time, minimize data loss and encourage information sharing
  • Alerts, notifications and progress status indicators that help keep case management efforts on track
  • A mobile system, optimized for any smart device
  • A placement-matching tool that helps caseworkers place children in care in the most appropriate setting and family
  • Access to dashboard metrics that help caseworkers prioritize their work based on real-time data and allow supervisors to effectively manage their teams
  • Smart search, sorting and filtering capabilities comparable to what's available in modern web applications
  • A tool for capturing both narrative and structured data that prompts caseworkers and supervisors to take helpful action

Central office and system management

Casebook provides:

  • Capacity to provide real-time insight into data quality, operational metrics and experience-in-care measures
  • An approach that transcends traditional case silos to view people over time and in relationship to one another
  • Extensive resources for self-guided online help
  • State-of-the-art, built-in support for real-time and batch integration with legacy systems
  • Capture of all required federal data in conjunction with the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System and the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System

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