Changing the Odds (2019)

Progress and Promise in Atlanta

By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

May 13, 2019


Since 2001, the Annie E. Casey Foundation has been working with Atlanta’s Southside communities to transform high-poverty city neighborhoods and help low-income families and children succeed. While some progress is being made, the gap between Atlanta’s haves and have-nots remains immense.

This report — which is a follow-up to Casey’s Changing the Odds: The Race for Results in Atlanta focuses on promising policies and approaches that, if enacted on a larger scale, could help dismantle the systemic barriers that have kept too many Atlantans of color from reaching their full potential.

Table of Contents

Key Takeaway

Since the first report, published in 2015, the needle toward equity has moved (but not enough)

In Atlanta, forward-thinking organizations have been busy, forging pathways to education, housing, careers and wealth that can help build a brighter future for the city’s African-American residents. While these new pathways have spurred marginal gains, the push for equity is just beginning. And it’s a push that will require a larger legion of policymakers, public systems, business leaders, nonprofits and philanthropic institutions to band together and work together to help Atlantans of color move from merely surviving to thriving.

Findings & Stats

Statements on Inequity in Atlanta