Introduction to the Results Count Path to Equity

A Guide to the Accountability for Equitable Results Framework

By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

June 26, 2019


This introduction describes four skills that help leaders to achieve better and more equitable results. The skills are part of Results Count®, the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s competency-based approach to leadership development. Through Results Count, leaders can develop and practice these skills over time to become more powerful and effective in their work. The skills touch on maximizing one’s contribution through data-driven and equity-informed analyses and performance measures.

The Results Count Path to Equity

The Introduction to the Results Count Path to Equity is accompanied by an hour-long video. Worksheets highlighed in the video also are available.

Table of Contents

Key Results Count Take Away

Leadership skills can be learned by individuals at any level, regardless of one’s job title or description.

Leaders can practice and apply skills that make measurable differences in the well-being of the populations they care about the most.

Findings & Stats

Statements & Quotations