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A group of Black and Brown youth gather peacefully outside of a building. Several young men and women hold signs advocating for better treatment of minorities.

Promoting Equity and Economic Inclusion in San Francisco

The San Francisco Foundation uses the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Results Count® leadership framework to facilitate improvements in well-being for children, families and communities.

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Strengthening the Practice of Leadership

The Consultative Stance

Casey leadership development faculty member Kathy Pogue White explains how leaders can pivot from defensiveness to collaboration when working with others for social change.

Jeff Edmonson

Work Together to Get Results

Before joining the Ballmer Group as managing director, Jeff Edmondson built a network of StriveTogether communities — 73 strong — committed to using collective impact to support the academic success of every child. He shares lessons from this results-focused work in an interview with the Casey Foundation.

The Accountability Pathway

Learn now leaders can hold themselves and others accountable for achieving results that improve the lives of children and families.