KIDS COUNT Indicator Brief: Reducing the Child Death Rate

Posted July 1, 2009
By the Annie E. Casey Foundation
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AECF KC Reducing Child Death Rate 2009


While advances in medical treatment and prevention of infectious diseases helped reduce child deaths dramatically over the last several decades, the child mortality rate in the US is higher than in many other wealthy nations. This brief outlines five strategies to address health and safety issues that affect the well-being of children ages 1-14.

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Strategies For Reducing Childhood Deaths

While the availability of vaccines and other medical advances to prevent and treat disease has helped reduce the number of deaths of children under age 14, there is a long way to go to bring the U.S. child death rate in line with other industrialized nations. Recommended strategies include:

  • Promoting healthy lifestyle habits beginnign in childhood and preventing chronic diseases that affect children
  • Providing support to parents and families to help them be effective caretakers
  • Ensuring that childcare facilities, playgrounds and other community spaces are safe places for children to play and learn
  • Emphasize the importance of motor vehicle safety
  • Address other sources of preventable injuries that put children at risk