Money Pals, Part One

Being Cool with Cash

Posted June 18, 2002
By the Annie E. Casey Foundation and the National Endowment for Financial Education
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Aecf Money Pals Pt1 cover


This workbook, designed for kids in foster care ages 8 to 11, teaches practical skills about using money, counting money, knowing a need from a want, and earning extra money. It also teaches saving skills, how to use a bank and understanding credit cards. This is part one of a two-part Money Pals set.

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Key Takeaway

Changing your life means making good choices along the way

You can change your life. You will learn in school how people who started with nothing became who they wanted to be because of the choices they made along the way. People start out poor, or in trouble, or lost and learn skills that can make a difference. Just look at Oprah Winfrey. She chose to change her life. Making good choices with money can help you change your life, too.