Money Pals, Part Two

Being Cool with Cash

Posted June 18, 2002
By the Annie E. Casey Foundation and National Endowment for Financial Education
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Part of a Money Pals 2-part set, this workbook is designed to teach foster children, ages 8 to 11, practical skills about spending money through shopping. But it also shows how shopping means different things that can include finding a future by shopping for an education, a mentor, a goal. There are sections on sharing with others--both financially and in other ways-- and setting long-term aspirations.

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Key Takeaway

Shopping can mean many things when you are looking to your future

Thinking about the kind of life you want is a form of shopping. You shop when explloring education opportunities. You shop when looking for people who can help you reach your goals. You even shop when you find people who inspire you. Shopping for a future can be serious business, but it also is fun because you get to make the decisions.