Social Networks and Civic Participation in Making Connections Neighborhoods: Cross-Site Brief

Posted August 2, 2005
By the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Urban Institute
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This brief, which utilizes survey results gathered from 10 Making Connections sites, aims to understand how residents relate to one another and to local institutions. Readers will examine these social connections from a variety of angles, including across sites, within the scope of broader municipalities and through the lens of various socio-economic factors.   

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Key Takeaway

Residents in Making Connections neighborhoods often put their social networks to work

Research indicates that resource-poor communities experience higher rates of social isolation. Yet, survey results from 10 Making Connections sites suggest that quite the opposite is true. On a wide variety of issues — everything from networking for a new job to seeking out a few extra bucks to make ends meet — residents in these communities report frequently connecting with one another for support.