CaseyCast Podcast Tackles a Silent Issue: Parental Incarceration

Posted April 23, 2016, By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

Tanya Krupat with a group of youth advocates

It’s a simple question.

What would you want if you were separated from your kids?

In the Foundation’s new podcast, social worker Tanya Krupat challenges listeners to place this very personal framework around the issue of parental incarceration.

It’s an intimate perspective that immediately exposes the many struggles of growing up with a parent in prison or jail. It’s a tragic — and all-too familiar — storyline rife with ambiguous loss, damning stigmas, financial instability and a slippery sense that life’s playing field is unleveling just steps from the starting line.

The larger conversation takes a sweeping look at parental incarceration’s devastating impact on kids, families and communities. It also tells why we must enlist a particularly powerful set of experts — the children involved —to help smarten our supports and solutions on this silent issue.

The 24-minute conversation is part of CaseyCast, a monthly podcast devoted to bringing people together to help build a brighter future for kids, families and communities.

About Tanya Krupat

Tanya Krupat is program director for The Osborne Association, an organization devoted to transforming lives, communities and the criminal justice system. In this role, Krupat coordinates the NY Initiative for Children of Incarcerated Parents, which aims to raise awareness about the effects of incarceration on children and family relationships.

LInks and Show Notes

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