Measuring Program Effectiveness With Youth Voice

A Leading With Evidence Webinar

Posted August 9, 2021, By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

Leading With Evidence Webinar Series

How can programs for young people engage those young people in making the programs better? The Annie E. Casey Foundation held a webinar on Sept. 9 to explore this question, focusing on how Latinos in Action (LIA), a program that builds college and career skills for young people across 13 states, collects data from youth to measure how faithfully it is implementing its program model — and how it uses those data for staff to continuously reflect on and improve their work.

The webinar, Measuring Program Effectiveness With Youth Voice, featured LIA founder and Chief Executive Officer Jose Enriquez, who was joined by Sally Munemitsu, cofounder and chief operating officer of Hello Insight, a data platform LIA uses with the support of the Casey Foundation. They discussed using principles of positive youth development in collecting and acting on feedback from young people.

Panelists included:

  • Suzanne Barnard, director, Evidence-Based Practice Group, The Annie E. Casey Foundation, moderator
  • Jose Enriquez, founder and chief executive officer, Latinos in Action
  • Sally Munemitsu, cofounder and chief operating officer, Hello Insight

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