Second Year of Low-Cost RCT Competition Launched

Posted January 15, 2015, By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

The Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy has launched the second year of its three-year competition to select and fund promising low-cost randomized controlled trials (RCTs) designed to build evidence about what works in U.S. social spending. The initiative, funded in part by the Foundation, is designed to demonstrate the feasibility and value of low-cost RCTs to a wide policy and philanthropic audience. The low-cost RCT competition contributes to key Foundation priorities, including promotion of evidence-based practices, and the use of cost-effective, sustainable data resources to support research and evaluation.

Foundation funding is used to prioritize outreach to researchers of color and to encourage the use of integrated data systems that combine data from multiple public agencies to produce comprehensive information on individuals, families and communities. The Foundation’s Ilene Berman participated in a conference hosted by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the Coalition to hear from the winners and finalists of last year’s competition about the benefits and opportunities presented by low-cost RCTs.

Information on the new round of the competition, including the application packet, can be found at the competition webpage

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