Human Services Workforce Initiative

This initiative was the first national effort to address the urgent need to recruit, train and retain human services workers qualified to make decisions that affect disadvantaged kids and families. In 2005, the Cornerstone Consulting Group assumed leadership of the initiative, developing Cornerstones for Kids.

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The Benefits of Workforce Exposure and Career Programming for Youth and Young Adults

Research finds that early exposure to the workforce — through work-based learning programs like internships and apprenticeships — increases the likelihood that young adults will be employed and earn family-sustaining wages later in life. The Annie E. Casey Foundation has identified resources that can help young people connect to educational opportunities and jobs.

Published May 2, 2021

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Aecf Restoring Shared Prosperity Strategies To Cut Poverty Expand Economic Growth cover

Restoring Shared Prosperity

In looking at the Half in Ten campaign, this report considers the economic challenges facing families in the United States, and outlines a set of priorities for addressing these challenges.

Published October 2, 2011

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Aecf Does Workforce Development Work cover

Does Workforce Development Work?

As part of The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s two-year Workforce Narrative project, this paper presents a comprehensive view of workforce development, including common pitfalls in considering the effectiveness of workforce development interventions.

Published January 2, 2008

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Aecf Why Workforce Investment Matters To Regions cover

Why Workforce Investment Matters to Regions

As part of The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s two-year Workforce Narrative project, this report provides a framework for investing in workforce development policies and programs. This report provides historical and economic rationale for increased workforce development investment; as well as possible economic challenges and opportunities for future workforce development.

Published April 14, 2007

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AECF Advocasey Spring2004 cover

AdvoCasey: Spring 2004

This issue of AdvoCasey examines the pervasive neglect of human services workers in America. It’s centerpiece — a feature rooted in Greenville, South Carolina — goes beyond the statistics to share real stories about how these workers are struggling and what this means for the kids and families they serve.

AdvoCasey is a seasonal publication; each themed issue spotlights programs and policies that have made measurable differences in the lives of kids and families.

Published March 22, 2004

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AECF Casey Connects Summer2003 cover

Casey Connects: Summer 2003

This issue of Casey Connects examines how America’s working poor pay more for staples and shares the Foundation’s recommendations for eliminating the devastating surcharge. Smaller stories introduce the Foundation’s multiyear Human Services Workforce Initiative and spotlight Casey-celebrated movers and shakers.

Published June 21, 2003

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Aecf unsolvedchallengeofsystemreform cover

The Unsolved Challenge of System Reform

Casey surveys the social service workers tackling the human service industry and reports on the biggest challenges they face at the time of this report. The report follows Casey as we assemble enough information to understand the issues that compromise frontline services delivery and to frame an informed and actionable agenda.

Published March 14, 2003

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Aecf The Human Services Workforce Initiative Annie E Casey Foundation Commitment cover

The Human Services Workforce Initiative

This report presents an overview of the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s long-term efforts to address gaps in the systems that serve disadvantaged children and families.

Published November 5, 2000

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