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A Latino family of four, including an older boy and younger girl, smile at the camera.

Study Examines Child Welfare Experiences That Begin With Group Care

This post focuses on kids entering group settings for their first child welfare placement. It covers a study that explores how likely this placement is, how long and stable it is, and how often it results in achieving permanence or a return to out-of-home care.

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Supporting Policy Reform and Advocacy

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Lifting Millions out of Poverty through EITC

For millions of Americans, having a job does not translate into financial stability. Many employees earn too little to provide adequately for their families. The Earned Income Tax Credit is a critically important lifeline.

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Helping All Kids Reach Their Full Potential

In its Race for Results policy report, Casey calls for improved data, a better use of evidence-based programs and economic inclusion strategies to connect children to opportunities for healthy development.

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Strengthening State Child Welfare Advocates

Sponsored by First Focus, the State Policy Advocacy and Reform Center is a go-to resource for state child welfare policy, improving the capacity of individual state advocacy organizations and the larger field.