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A young Black woman sits in a class room, pen in hand, in the midst of writing in a notebook. She confidently smiles at the camera.

1 in 10 Young Adults, 1 in 30 Kids Experience Homelessness Each Year

"Preventing and Ending Youth Homelessness in America" calls for urgent action to address the homelessness crisis affecting millions of young people.

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Supporting Policy Reform and Advocacy

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Lifting Millions out of Poverty through EITC

For millions of Americans, having a job does not translate into financial stability. Many employees earn too little to provide adequately for their families. The Earned Income Tax Credit is a critically important lifeline.

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Helping All Kids Reach Their Full Potential

In its Race for Results policy report, Casey calls for improved data, a better use of evidence-based programs and economic inclusion strategies to connect children to opportunities for healthy development.

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Strengthening State Child Welfare Advocates

Sponsored by First Focus, the State Policy Advocacy and Reform Center is a go-to resource for state child welfare policy, improving the capacity of individual state advocacy organizations and the larger field.