Departing Casey President and CEO Talks Change, Challenges and Lessons

Posted December 19, 2018, By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

Patrick McCarthy talks about his legacy on CaseyCast

After 25 years at the Annie E. Casey Foundation and nine years at its helm, President and CEO Patrick McCarthy is retiring.

In a new podcast episode, his successor — Lisa Hamilton — interviews McCarthy about how the Foundation has changed during this career, what he’s learned along the way, and why he has a lot of hope for the nation’s younger generations.

In January 2019, CaseyCast host Lisa Hamilton will shift from her role as executive vice president and chief program officer to serve as the Foundation’s next president and CEO.

A respected clinician and public sector leader, McCarthy will exit his post with a professional record that includes — among his many accomplishments — a fairer, safer approach to juvenile justice, a greater emphasis on equity and inclusion and a more family-focused child welfare system.

A huge thank you to Patrick McCarthy for his incredible leadership and for talking with us!

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In This Episode, Patrick McCarthy Talks About…

  • What he learned about leading the Foundation.
  • What he is most proud of during his time as CEO.
  • How the Casey Foundation’s work has evolved over the last 25 years.
  • How life has changed for kids in the last 25 years.
  • How Casey’s connections and involvement in Baltimore changed after Freddie Gray’s death.
  • What we still need to do, as a country, to make more progress for kids.

Conversation Clips

In Patrick McCarthy’s own words…

“If we're going to make kids count, we have to make kids heard.”

“With careful research and lots of dissemination of successful programs, we now know much more than we did 25 years ago about what it takes to support families.”

“Racism is a white problem. There's just no question. If you look at history with an objective eye, that the roots of racism and how it has played out are deeply a white problem.

“Something that I feel good about, in terms of what has already been accomplished, is putting a stake in the ground around youth prisons. These are adult-type institutions where we lock a lot of young people who don't need to be locked up — and in conditions that we would never want for our own child.”

“I don't think that there's a more important job for a CEO than making sure that you're always aware that you're not the last CEO.”

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CaseyCast is produced by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and hosted by Lisa Hamilton, who will be taking the organization’s reins in 2019. In each episode, Hamilton talks with a different expert about their work building a brighter future for kids, families and communities.

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