Launched in 1993, Plain Talk demonstrated that preventing teen pregnancy requires community-based strategies that mobilize adults who can provide teens with clear and credible messages about sex, the risks of pregnancy and other health issues. Plain Talk's materials and messages have been widely replicated.


AECF US Teen Pregnancies Births Abortions 2010 Cover1

U.S. Teenage Pregnancies, Births and Abortions

This report details the most current teenage pregnancy, birth, and abortion statistics as of January 2010. It concludes with discussion of the methodology and the sources used to obtain the estimates.

Published January 1, 2010

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AECF Kids Count Indicator Brief Preventing Teen Births 2003 cover

KIDS COUNT Indicator Brief: Preventing Teen Births

This KIDS COUNT Indicator Brief puts the topic of teen pregnancy under the microscope. It shares statistics, causes and challenges related to early childbearing and outlines 6 strategies for preventing teen pregnancy in America.

Published July 26, 2007

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AECF Casey Connects Community Engagement 2007 cover

Casey Connects: Spring 2007

This issue of Casey Connects explores different forms of community engagement and tells how the Annie E. Casey Foundation empowers and mobilizes residents to produce better results for children and families. A smaller story spotlights five resources for learning more about Casey’s latest work.

Published March 21, 2007

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KC Teen Motherhoodat Record Low 2006 cover

Teen Motherhood at Record Low in United States

This report — part of the KIDS COUNT Data Snapshot series — shares the latest statistics on teen pregnancy in the United States. It tells how teen birth rates differ by location and race and how the number of teen mothers in America has decreased over time.

Published September 3, 2006

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Aecf The Powerof Plain Talk cover

The Power of Plain Talk

Plain Talk is a community-based, parental involvement program aimed at reducing teen pregnancy. This report summarizes results from interviews with leaders in the teen sexuality field regarding Plain Talk’s effectiveness and chances of being replicated on a larger scale.

Published May 1, 2006

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AECF Copy That 2006 Cover

Copy That

This report draws on the replication experiences of three programs: Plain Talk, the Teen Outreach Program and the Children's Aid Society-Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program. It provides a brief overview of the primary issues involved in replicating a program to prevent teen pregnancy.

Published January 1, 2006

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AECF Casey Connects Spring2005 cover

Casey Connects: Spring 2005

This issue of Casey Connects spotlights the Foundation’s efforts on 2 fronts: 1) helping kids in foster care find loving, permanent families; and 2) reducing racial disparities throughout the child welfare system. A smaller story recognizes 6 movers and shakers in the child welfare field, including 4 former Families Count honorees.

Published March 21, 2005

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CARTA Engaging Parentsand Famlies 2003 cover

Engaging Parents and Families In Adolescent Reproductive Health

This publication spotlights a wide range of real-world programs that enlist parents in supporting adolescent reproductive health. Readers will get a close look at 4 of these efforts with an end goal of building better programs to help parents raise sexually healthy teens.

Published January 24, 2003

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