Rebuilding Communities Initiative

Launched in 1994, this seven-year community-change initiative developed residents who could lead local organizations and build partnerships with funders and other community groups. Many of the lessons and relationships forged during this time paved the way for the emergence of Making Connections.

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East Baltimore

Report: Investment in Baltimore Uneven by Race

Investment in Baltimore is highly concentrated in ways that reinforce historic racial and economic inequality. In a new report, read how one major community development project has boosted capital flowing into a largely Black community in the city’s east side.

Published August 6, 2020

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Creating Resident Led Governance Structures

Documentation of an exchange between two Making Connections sites regarding ideas and emerging lessons about creating community governing boards and committees led by residents.

Published August 11, 2004

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AECF Casey Connects 2002 cover

Casey Connects: Winter 2002

This issue of Casey Connects tells how the Foundation is ramping up efforts to help low-income families succeed. Smaller stories include a note of recognition page, a conference spotlight and a look at how one county in Oregon is making fairer detention decisions in the wake of Casey-led juvenile justice reforms.

Published December 22, 2002

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AECF Casey Connects Summer2002 cover

Casey Connects: Summer 2002

This issue of Casey Connects uses KIDS COUNT Data Book statistics to examine how American families are faring in the wake of welfare reform. A second story spotlights a Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative site that has successfully written race and ethnicity out of the detention decision equation. Smaller stories highlight Casey-celebrated movers and shakers, the importance of cultural competence in connecting workers to jobs and lessons from the Foundation’s Rebuilding Communities Initiative.

Published June 20, 2002

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Learning from the Journey

This paper is intended to reflect and capture the lessons learned in the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Rebuilding Communities Initiative, a seven-year initiative launched in 1994 to provide support to help transform troubled, destitute neighborhoods into safe, supportive and productive environments for children and their families.

Published February 25, 2002

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