Resource Roundup: Supporting Student Parents

Posted July 11, 2022, By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

Woman works on a laptop while a small toddler sits in a stroller nearby.

This resource roundup is devot­ed to help­ing read­ers under­stand how to bet­ter sup­port stu­dent par­ents. It intro­duces three pub­li­ca­tions — all devel­oped with fund­ing from the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Young par­ents who are rais­ing chil­dren while seek­ing an edu­ca­tion face unique chal­lenges on and off cam­pus,” says Quanic Fullard, a senior asso­ciate with the Casey Foun­da­tion.​“These pub­li­ca­tions explore the needs of stu­dents who are par­ent­ing — a group that is often over­looked in pol­i­cy dis­cus­sions around post­sec­ondary education.”

Par­ent­ing While in Col­lege: Racial Dis­par­i­ties in Basic Needs Inse­cu­ri­ty Dur­ing the Pandemic

By the Hope Cen­ter for Col­lege, Com­mu­ni­ty and Justice

This brief shares lessons from a nation­wide sur­vey of over 32,500 col­lege stu­dents who are also par­ents. It found that:

  • stu­dent par­ents who are Black, Asian or Lati­no expe­ri­ence extreme­ly high rates of inse­cu­ri­ty in their basic needs, which has imme­di­ate harm­ful effects on their young children;
  • near­ly all sin­gle Black and Lati­no stu­dents with young chil­dren expe­ri­ence food inse­cu­ri­ty, hous­ing inse­cu­ri­ty or home­less­ness; and
  • Black fathers who are stu­dents are not get­ting ade­quate cam­pus sup­port for their basic needs.

Sup­port­ing Stu­dent Par­ent Recov­ery Through State Pol­i­cy Lessons From Geor­gia, Texas and Wash­ing­ton State

By the Insti­tute for Women’s Pol­i­cy Research

This brief, which draws from efforts in Geor­gia, Texas and Wash­ing­ton, shares how states can bet­ter sup­port stu­dent par­ents who have been impact­ed by the COVID-19 pan­dem­ic. It also explores how these par­ents can ben­e­fit when their needs and expe­ri­ences are con­sid­ered in state-lev­el pol­i­cy and deci­sion making.

Con­nect­ing Young Stu­dent Par­ents With Nav­i­ga­tion Services

By Child Trends

This brief — which draws on the expe­ri­ences of three com­mu­ni­ties with­in the Expand­ing Oppor­tu­ni­ties for Young Fam­i­lies ini­tia­tive — exam­ines the chal­lenges fac­ing stu­dent par­ents who are pur­su­ing a high-school edu­ca­tion. It intro­duces stu­dent sup­port ser­vices as a promis­ing strat­e­gy for con­nect­ing stu­dent par­ents with the guid­ance nec­es­sary to advo­cate for them­selves while inter­act­ing with com­plex sys­tems, such as child care or finan­cial assis­tance programs.


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