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Tool Shows How Employers’ Policies Affect Frontline Workers

Since March, JUST Capital has tracked how America’s largest employers have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, revealing how their practices are impacting frontline workers. Read the results of the study.

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A  webinar, hosted by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and the Center for Urban Families, will discuss recommendations for advancing program strategies and policies to help young fathers thrive. Register for the session to learn how to connect young fathers with resources.

Building Paths to Economic Opportunity

Video: Opening Doors for America's Young People

Millions of U.S. teens and young adults are neither in school nor working. We and others are seeking ways to reconnect these young people to educational and job opportunities, creating the next generation of workers and parents.

Video: Partnering With Community Colleges

Based on a nationally recognized model, the Maryland Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training program helps adults complete college occupational programs and earn credentials, training them for jobs and careers and developing skills for life.

Video: Removing Obstacles to Employment

Through social enterprises, California nonprofit REDF is creating jobs and opportunities for people who face some of the greatest barriers to finding work.