The Family First Act: What Juvenile Justice Advocates Need to Know

Posted March 24, 2020, By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

A new federal law provides communities with new resources to help older youth in the juvenile justice system.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation recently partnered with Casey Family Programs to host Implications of the Family First Act for Juvenile Justice Advocates, a webinar highlighting the services and resources that the landmark law provides to support youth involved with the justice system.

Family First is the most significant federal child welfare legislation that’s been passed in decades, with the potential to have an enormous effect on children, youth and families. Because many young people have been or will become involved in both the child welfare and juvenile justice systems, it’s important for justice advocates to understand the law’s provisions that may affect their efforts.

This webinar provides:

  • An overview of the law and how juvenile justice advocates can tap into it to help children and families;
  • An update on state implementation; and
  • Suggestions for getting involved with state implementation.

Webinar panelists are:

  • Rob Geen, director of policy reform and advocacy for the Casey Foundation
  • Tim Decker, senior fellow at Casey
  • Peter Watson, senior director of the technical assistance unit at Casey Family Programs

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