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A group of child advocacy and research organizations representing every state and using data to promote smart policies on issues ranging from child welfare and juvenile justice to education and economic opportunity. 

Lessons From South Dakota

Youth Incarceration Sees Dramatic Drop in the United States

News Release

The KIDS COUNT data snapshot, "Reducing Youth Incarceration in the United States," shows the juvenile confinement rate to be at a 35-year low, signaling the opportunity for alternative, more effective responses to court-involved youth.

February 27, 2013

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Educational Attainment Data Encouraging

Recent data show that more Americans are earning higher levels of education, due in part to the increase of federal funds to help support education. In 2012, 59% of the U.S. population ages 25 to 34 had a high school diploma or less; 9% had an associate's degree, and 33% had a bachelor's degree or higher (an increase of 2.5 million young people since 2000).

October 21, 2013

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