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Young parents, ages 18-24, face daily challenges that threaten their children's development

Young Parents Face Daily Challenges, Says New Report

Young parents face a host of challenges in their daily lives, from securing adequate child care to advancing their education or landing jobs that can sustain their families, according to a Casey-funded study.

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Atlanta’s Dunbar Learning Complex is advancing an ambitious mission: To prepare children for kindergarten and have their health needs met while also helping parents secure family-supporting jobs and financially stability. And a new Annie E. Casey Foundation report — Helping Children and Parents Succeed Together — suggests that the complex is on the right track.   

Enrollment is now open for the Construction Ready program in Atlanta. This free, four-week program is offered to low-income residents to help them develop the necessary skills, tools and supports to secure employment in the city's construction industry. 

Providing More Than a Job

Working Families Success Network

The Foundation and other funders formed a national network to make an integrated-services approach standard practice for helping low-income individuals and families achieve financial stability.

The Case for Coordinated Services

Families struggling to make ends meet can find it difficult to access available services that could help move them to stability. Weaving such services together not only makes sense — it makes a real difference.

A Resource for Practitioners

The Local Initiatives Support Corporation's Integrated Services Delivery site is a comprehensive resource for practitioners or anyone interested in an up-close look at this successful strategy.