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Supporting Student Success Through Elev8

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A national evaluation of Elev8 shows the program has made important strides since it began in 2008, despite implementation challenges that have arisen over the years. Elev8 aims to ensure all students have the services they need, with a special focus on successful transitions to high school — which research suggests is a critical turning point in a child’s future academic success.

Posted February 6, 2017

Beyond Bars


This report provides a clear blueprint for closing youth prisons and replacing them with community-based juvenile justice services. Readers will learn how this new system can hold youth accountable — without resorting to incarceration — while cultivating a young person’s strengths, interests and sense of belonging. 

Posted January 7, 2017

Tools and Tips for Collecting and Analyzing Racial and Ethnic Data


Access to racial and ethnic data provided by public institutions can often be too limited or too broad in scope to truly analyze inequities between children of color and their white counterparts. Alicia Van Orman, from the Population Reference Bureau, shared techniques for collecting publically-available data and disaggregating it by race during a webinar for the KIDS COUNT network.

Posted December 7, 2016

Year One of the Rural IMPACT Project

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Agency officials, funders, policymakers and service providers gathered at a White House symposium on November 17 to discuss early implementation lessons and future plans for Rural IMPACT — a public-private effort to reduce child poverty in rural and tribal communities.

Posted November 21, 2016

Serving Immigrant Families Through Two-Generation Programs


This report shares key facts about immigrant parents with young children and examines 11 programs that have successfully served immigrant and refugee families using a two-generation approach. Readers will learn about the difficulties these programs face, what they are doing well, and what policymakers and community stakeholders need to know to support this vulnerable — and growing — demographic.

Posted November 19, 2016

Reentry and Barriers to Employment


This report covers the challenging terrains of incarceration, reentry and work. It draws on expert interviews, dozens of resources and two decades of strategic investments by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Readers will learn what employment barriers people commonly face after exiting prison or jail and how to help these individuals pursue — and maintain — family-supporting jobs.    

Posted November 19, 2016

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Improving Access to Public Benefits

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