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Two teenage girls, one Black and one white, sit on the front steps of a house. They each wear hoodies and surgical masks, while balancing a laptop on their laps.

COVID-19 Survey: Insights for Policymakers on Supporting Families

A nationwide survey explores how families are coping with the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic. Find insights for policymakers.

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About the Children and Family Fellowship

Webinar for Potential Fellowship Applicants

This webinar reviewed the Fellowship selection process and criteria, as well as featured three recent Fellows talking about their experience and responding to questions.

Two Children and Family Fellows Speak About the Fellowship

This video features two leaders in the nonprofit sector talking about their experience in the Children and Family Fellowship. Learn what led these leaders to apply to the Fellowship, how the Fellowship has helped them focus on results and advice they have for future Fellows.

Perspective on the Fellowship From a Fellow’s CEO

This video features a nonprofit CEO who had a member of her senior leadership team participate in the Children and Family Fellowship. The CEO talks about her experience supervising and supporting a Fellow.