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Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative®

JDAI is a site-based effort to reduce the use of juvenile detention — the holding of youth before adjudication — and increase more effective interventions. Learn more about what happens in a juvenile detention center and the importance of juvenile detention alternatives now!


A group of child advocacy and research organizations representing every state and using data to promote smart policies on issues ranging from child welfare and juvenile justice to education and economic opportunity. 

Lessons From District of Columbia

Reducing Congregate Care: Worth the Fight

Read about how the Annie E. Casey Foundation is working to support interventions that reduce congregate care from its current level of 16% of all foster care placements nationally to about 5 to 10% in the next five years and to move those children as quickly as possible toward lifelong family connections and permanent homes.

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Bringing Promise to Washington, D.C.

The DC Promise Neighborhood Initiative

Working with partners ranging from residents to businesses to schools to assistance agencies, this Washington, D.C. collaborative is establishing the groundwork to keep kids healthy and in school from cradle to college. 

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Connecting Schools, Families & Communities

Stories and Results from the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Education Investments

Partnerships among schools, families, and community organizations can reconnect urban schools to their communities and improve results for young people and their families. This report provides an overview of Casey's investment philosophy and strategies, and its approach to defining and documenting grant-making results.

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Closing the Achievement Gap

Exploring Quality Choices: Vouchers

This publication presents an in-depth look at Casey’s investment in the Washington, D.C. voucher effort and summarizes results and lessons learned at the time of the report. 

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