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Helping leaders, organizations and groups move from intention to action for children and families.

Child Welfare Strategy Group

Practice and policy experts work with public systems to improve outcomes for children involved with child welfare systems.

Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative

A national and state-based initiative that unites the people, public systems and resources necessary to help young people transition from foster care to adulthood. Learn more about the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative now.

Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI)

JDAI is a network of juvenile justice practitioners and other system stakeholders across the country working to build a better and more equitable youth justice system. Learn more about what happens in a juvenile detention center and the importance of juvenile detention alternatives now!


A group of child advocacy and research organizations representing every state and using data to promote smart policies on issues ranging from child welfare and juvenile justice to education and economic opportunity. 

Lessons From Pennsylvania

Giving Former Prisoners Positive Returns

Read the story of Rodney Evans, a former addict who got his life back on track with help from Project RETURN, a support program for ex-prisoners. The Casey Foundation supports reentry work through programs, policies and practices that improve the employment prospects of former prisoners in an effort to reduce recidivism, increase public safety and improve outcomes for children and families affected by incarceration.

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Planning for Juvenile Detention Reforms

A Structured Approach

This planning approach is designed to help jurisdictions gain an accurate understanding of their own detention policies, practices and problems. Its structured planning model has been tested and refined at various sites over a five-year period, and it makes reference to a variety of solutions to juvenile detention problems.

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Connecting Schools, Families & Communities

Stories and Results from the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Education Investments

Partnerships among schools, families, and community organizations can reconnect urban schools to their communities and improve results for young people and their families. This report provides an overview of Casey's investment philosophy and strategies, and its approach to defining and documenting grant-making results.

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Blog Post

New Administrator of OJJDP

Robert L. Listenbee has been appointed Administrator of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. Listenbeen spent 16 years as Chief of the Juvenile Unit of the Defender Association of Philadelphia and 27 years as a trial lawyer.

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Using Local Data to Explore the Experiences and Needs of Children of Incarcerated Parents

The Urban Institute partnered with organizations in Chicago, Illinois; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Providence, Rhode Island to merge local and state level criminal justice and human services data to learn about children of incarcerated parents in their localities. This report presents findings from the three sites and a discussion of the possibilities and difficulties involved in merging and analyzing administrative data on this population.

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Shared Prosperity, Stronger Regions

An Agenda for Rebuilding America's Older Core Cities

This report explores the opportunities and challenges confronting older core cities by looking closely at five of them: Baltimore, Cleveland, Detroit, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

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