As part of the Annie E. Casey Foundation and other investors, the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative is active, in states and in local communities across the nation to increase opportunities for young people who are in or transitioning from foster care. The organization:

We have provided technical assistance and other resources that have helped:

  • Three states extend supports for children in foster care from age 18 to 21;
  • Seven states extend Medicaid from age 18 to 21;
  • Four states provide tuition waivers for secondary education;
  • Two states pass sibling visitation bills to help young people stay connected to their siblings;
  • Five states pass state-of-the-art permanency legislation and policies; and
  • Five states increase young people’s participation in court proceedings that decide their future.

Jim Casey Initiative sites work with young people to improve their outcomes. Our Opportunity Passport provides matched savings for young people to purchase life-altering assets such as cars, safe and stable housing, and computers for college.

  • When young people purchase an asset with the Opportunity Passport, their chances of having a full-time job more than double.
  • Research shows that young people who have assets at age 23 have better outcomes in employment, marriage and health.

Created in 2001, the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative receives funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and crucial support contributed each year by numerous local funders. The Jim Casey Initiative is named in memory of Jim Casey, the founder of UPS, who improved the lives of millions of American children and families through his philanthropic activities.

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In order to help our sites achieve systems and youth outcomes improvements, we provide tools, strategies, and technical assistance every step along the way. These include:

The Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative leverages its hands-on work across 17 states, the latest adolescent brain research and direct feedback from young people to drive state policy and practice improvements that help young people make successful transitions from foster care to adulthood. Our expertise is grounded in the following areas:

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