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A Place 4 Me is focused on ending youth homelessness

Tackling Youth Homelessness With Peer Navigators in Cleveland

Kate Lodge is the executive director and vice president of strategic initiatives at A Place 4 Me. In this post, Lodge describes how Cleveland had adopted innovative practices, such as the hiring of peer navigators, to tackle youth homelessness.

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Preparing Young People in Foster Care for Success

The Road to Adulthood cover

Using Science to Improve Child Welfare Practice

With knowledge of how the adolescent brain matures, adults can do more to ensure young people feel supported and prepared as they navigate the road into adulthood. This guide tells you how.

Foster parent walks with adolescent

How the Economy Wins When Young People Are Prepared

In Future Savings, readers learn about the societal costs of failing to prepare young people in foster care for success. It also highlights how targeted interventions can help these young people while erasing billions in unnecessary costs.

Young people from foster care tend to lag behind their peers in adulthood.

Data on Young People in Foster Care

"Fostering Youth Transitions" provides first-of-its-kind data to better understand the lives of young people who have experienced foster care.