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Our Work in Equity and Inclusion

The Foundation’s racial and ethnic equity and inclusion portfolio equips the philanthropic sector with tools and resources to advance equitable opportunities for all children, families and communities, regardless of their skin color or community of residence.

Supplying reliable data on race and ethnicity to drive race-aware policies and practices

To inform our work and guide our investments, we track the diversity of our workforce and our grantees.

The issues affecting children and families are complex, and resoures are limited. To help organizations make a difference where it's needed most, we promote the use of data disaggregated by race.

The Race for Results Index, launched in 2014, tracks racially disaggregated data on indicators of well-being for children throughout the United States.

Creating effective tools and promoting practices and responses to longstanding and systemic issues

To target the Foundation's influence and investments on reducing and removing systemic barriers for children and families, we develop the capacity of Foundation staff to reflect on race and ethnicity and advance strategies that connect communities to pathways toward opportunity.

To increase the use of strategies that make a difference, we share lessons from our work with partners, practitioners and other funders. Toward this end, we also support the dissemination and use of an equity and inclusion framework.

Recognizing child advocates must use many tools to move others to action, we provide ongoing opportunities for peer learning across the network, particularly for leadership development, communications and data development focused on equity and inclusion.

Promoting community-informed and targeted research and sound policies that improve outcomes for all children in the United States

To improve the capacity of the social sector to set an equity- and inclusion-focused research agenda, we provide key investments and scholarship to expand the number of researchers and evaluators of color.

We support opportunities for communities of color affected by public systems to advocate for needed policy reforms and to be an equal voice in community development efforts.

We identify and advocate for policy reforms that support the best practices we uncover through our strategic consulting with public child welfare and juvenile justice systems.

Current Strategies

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Aiding Youth-Serving Organizations in Pursuing Racial Equity

Youth-serving organizations looking to identify and address programmatic barriers that are holding back young people of color have a new resource on hand, courtesy of the research nonprofit Child Trends and a paper funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Making Results Count

This report shares results from an evaluation of Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Children and Family Fellowship, which is an intensive leadership program that helps social sector executives transform the way their organizations work on behalf of children in low-income communities.

Young Workers Without Postsecondary Degrees to be Hit Hard by Economic Turmoil

The economic crisis spurred by the coronavirus pandemic will hit young workers especially hard, particularly those without a college degree who are not in school, according to an analysis by the Brookings Institution. To aid these low-wage workers, researchers recommend a federally funded employment initiative.

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