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Our Work in Talent and Leadership Development

Changing conditions for kids takes the energy of people with the skills, persistence and experience to work together to untangle complex problems. Often, nonprofit, public and social leaders aren’t equipped to achieve results that can make a brighter future for large numbers of children. We work with partners around the country to develop current and emerging leaders in the social and public sectors in the following ways:

Empowering and connecting exceptional leaders through a focus on results-based leadership as a lever to drive large scale result for children and families

Collaborative leadership development, in which diverse leaders are brought together around a shared priority, can be a good investment for grant makers to generate accelerated achievement of results in communities.

Strengthening leadership in the public and social sectors and preparing the leaders of tomorrow

Partnerships can create a strong next generation of leaders of color in the nonprofit and public sectors.

Strategic investment in developing and managing human capital can significantly increase a nonprofit’s effectiveness in times of rapid growth and change.

Navigating leadership transitions and building the next generation of leaders are key elements in the success of the social sector.

Building capacity for staff and organizations and networks critical to our mission

Investments provide executive coaching, tools and supports to grantee organizations, including state-level KIDS COUNT grantees.

Casey is a learning foundation that helps its staff build knowledge important to their work.

Strengthening equitable opportunities by sharing important lessons on race equity and inclusion

The Foundation has generated tools and methods for building staff capacity to advance race equity and inclusion within their work and strengthening alliances to build collective action to promote equitable opportunities.

Current Strategies

Leadership Development

Helping leaders, organizations and groups move from intention to action for children and families.

Children and Family Fellowship

A prestigious leadership program for outstanding executives from sectors working to improve outcomes for children, families and communities.

Related Past Initiatives

Human Services Workforce Initiative

This initiative was the first national effort to address the urgent need to recruit, train and retain human services workers qualified to make decisions that affect disadvantaged kids and families. In 2005, the Cornerstone Consulting Group assumed leadership of the initiative, developing Cornerstones for Kids.

Related Resources

Video: Learn How to Walk the Accountability Pathway

Achieving large-scale results requires commitments from many different types of leaders – and accountability for the commitments that are made. The Accountability Pathway is a tool that results-based leaders can use to check for accountability together.

The Community Investment Fund: Inspiring Innovative Resident-Led Change

Something special is happening in Atlanta’s Neighborhood Planning Unit V. 

Each year, people who live or work in the neighborhood can apply to receive small grants through Casey's Community Investment Fund. 

The goal? Promoting community-driven change by empowering residents to tackle common neighborhood challenges.

Advocates Use Results-based Leadership Skills to Improve Policy for Kids

Thirteen states have benefited from policy and advocacy efforts of the latest Leadership Institute for State-Based Advocates class. Among other achievements in helping children and families, the class increased early learning and child-care options, increased free breakfast and lunch for kids and enhanced job prospects for parents. 

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