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KIDS COUNT Network Deepens Strategies for Combating Racial Inequities

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William J. Barber II

As more than 150 leaders from child advocacy organizations from across the United States kicked off a recent two-day retreat in Atlanta, social justice activist Rev. William Barber reminded the group that addressing racial inequities in child well-being is a universal imperative.

Posted December 14, 2018

Study: Early Work Experience and Supportive Adults A Boon to Low-Income Youth

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Young person at work with colleagues

Young people who grow up in low-income households often face steep challenges on the road to adulthood. But three factors — a postsecondary degree, early labor market experience and work-based learning opportunities that include positive relationships with adults — can improve their future success, according to a new report funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Posted December 6, 2018

Study: Long-Term Mentoring Helps Foster Families

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Mom and dad with two adolescent children

A nonprofit called Friends of the Children, aims to break the cycle of generational poverty by pairing professional mentors with kids who are involved in the child welfare system. A pilot adaptation has taken the program’s support a step further — extending its reach to caregivers — and it’s an approach that seems to be working, according to a yearlong evaluation.

Posted November 27, 2018

Policy Wins Help Strengthen Georgia’s Families and Economy

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Hands joining together

With support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, a nonprofit in Georgia has helped secure key legislative changes that will strengthen the state’s workforce and create more equitable opportunities for children and families.

Posted November 8, 2018

There’s More Skilled Work Than Workers — and That’s a Problem

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Brooke DeRenzis and Rob Garcia of the National Skills Coalition

In a new podcast episode, the Casey Foundation’s Lisa Hamilton talks with the National Skills Coalition’s Brooke DeRenzis and Rob Garcia about building and sustaining a skilled labor force build and why this work is so important for America’s children, families and future.

Posted October 30, 2018

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Improving Access to Public Benefits

Not all families are able to gain access to the benefits for which they are eligible. What can funders, communities and the government do to connect low-income families to these supports.