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In Colorado, Making Smarter Decisions About Child Welfare Investigations

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Child welfare staff use better data to make more supportive decisions about children involved with the child welfare system in Colorado.

Working with the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Colorado's Jefferson County Division of Children, Youth, Families and Adult Protective Services has enhanced decision making at its earliest possible point: When children are referred to authorities because of suspected abuse or neglect.

Posted April 1, 2019

The Future of Workforce Development? Samaschool is Thinking Gig

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Lisa Hamilton from the Annie E. Casey Foundation and Sarah Currid of Samaschool

Gig jobs are on the rise. It’s an evolution that Sarah Currid, managing director of Samaschool, knows well. The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Lisa Hamilton recently spoke with Currid about this work and innovative ways to help low-income workers leverage gig jobs to build a brighter, stronger future for their families.

Posted March 26, 2019

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Improving Access to Public Benefits

Not all families are able to gain access to the benefits for which they are eligible. What can funders, communities and the government do to connect low-income families to these supports.