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New Resources Help Organizations Advance Race Equity at Every Step

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Climbing the seven steps toward race equity

First, the Annie E. Casey Foundation created Embracing Equity, a seven-step guide focused on helping organizations advance race equity. Now, in partnership with race equity experts, the Foundation has produced a new set of resources aimed at helping social-sector organizations navigate every step of this seven-part journey.

Posted September 12, 2018

Nebraska Receives $1 Million Grant to End Multigeneration Involvement in Foster Care

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Baby with Latina mother

Crossing paths with a public system sets off a discouraging domino effect for families — one that can persist for generations. Consider Nebraska, where 48% of young kids with foster care experience have at least one parent who also navigated a public system in their youth. The good news? Help is coming.

Posted August 28, 2018

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Big Ideas for Job Creation

How best to address the nation's unemployment rate? Thirteen of the country's most innovative thinkers offer big ideas worthy of consideration and potential investment.

Improving Access to Public Benefits

Not all families are able to gain access to the benefits for which they are eligible. What can funders, communities and the government do to connect low-income families to these supports.