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Current Strategies

Child Welfare

Ensuring that children who have been abused or neglected grow up in families and get the help they need to heal, build lasting family relationships and reach their full potential.

Child Welfare Strategy Group

Practice and policy experts work with public systems to improve outcomes for children involved with child welfare systems.

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Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative

A national and state-based initiative that unites the people, public systems and resources necessary to help young people transition from foster care to adulthood.

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Juvenile Justice

Improving the outcomes of youth who become involved in the juvenile justice system by eliminating the inappropriate use of secure confinement and out-of-home placement.

Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative

A site-based effort to reduce the use of detention — the holding of youth before adjudication — and increase more effective interventions.

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Reducing Youth Incarceration

A jurisdiction-level reform effort to reduce the number of youth in correctional facilities and other out-of-home placements.

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Providing state legislators, public officials and child advocates with the reliable data, policy recommendations and tools needed to advance sound policies that benefit children and families.


A group of child advocacy and research organizations representing every state and using data to promote smart policies on issues ranging from child welfare and juvenile justice to education and economic opportunity. 

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KIDS COUNT Data Center and Data Book

Our signature resources tracking the well-being of children over time and across states in order to provide high-quality, unbiased information and encourage action on behalf of kids and families. 

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Economic Opportunity

Developing pathways for parents to become financially stable and support their children’s healthy development and academic success.

Work, Education and Income

Investments aimed at linking individuals disconnected from the workforce or school to opportunities for jobs, education and achieving the American Dream.

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Financial Well-Being

Strategies to help individuals and families build financial assets and become adept at managing their money responsibly.

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Center for Working Families

An effective strategy to assist low-income individuals and families with reaching financial stability and moving up the economic ladder.

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Community Change

Improving the neighborhoods where kids and their families live by promoting access to good schools, affordable homes and job opportunities.

Family-Centered Community Change

A community development strategy promoting healthy development and academic success for kids alongside adult services focused on parenting and financial stability.

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Civic Sites

Communities where the Foundation has hometown ties and introduces innovative strategies that integrate the best programs and promising approaches for serving children and their families.

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Evidence-Based Practice

Promoting child well-being by investing in the development and use of rigorously evaluated programs that help kids reach critical milestones on the path to adulthood.


Public systems, schools and communities guiding public investment toward evidence-based programs that improve children’s growth and development.

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Leadership Development

Developing the strongest, most diverse talent and equipping leaders to achieve better results so kids, families and communities thrive.

Children and Family Fellowship

A prestigious leadership program for outstanding executives who can steer and influence organizations serving children and families.

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Results Count™

Helping leaders, organizations and groups move from intention to action for children and families.

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Research and Policy

Improving the lives of millions of children by producing evidence on which ideas and programs work and by advancing sound policy reforms.

Research and Evaluation

Strengthening the field's understanding of what works for kids and families by expanding the use of sound research and effective program evaluations.

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State and Federal Policy Reform

Investments in policy analysis and partnerships with national organizations that strengthen the capacity of decision makers to help kids and families.

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Equity and Inclusion

Employing data-driven, targeted strategies, programs and resources focused on those children, families and communities who need them most.

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