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The Foundation’s commitment to community change extends to our backyard: Baltimore, our headquarters, and Atlanta, home to UPS. Our civic sites aim to improve outcomes for kids and families in high-poverty neighborhoods in these cities and identify effective tools and strategies for working with low-income families and communities nationwide. Through public, private and nonprofit partners, we’re addressing the challenges in these places in the following ways:

Weaving together programs and services that support kids and their parents to respond to their needs at the same time

Children experience the stresses of poverty alongside their parents, with long-term consequences for their development. Tackling the challenges they face concurrently can have a much greater impact on their well-being as a whole family.

Creating high-quality learning environments for kids from birth and into their school years to help them succeed

Children and families in high-poverty areas frequently lack access to the education and health services that are essential to healthy child development.

Connecting parents and other low-income individuals to job training, education, financial counseling and other services to help them become financially stable

Low-income workers struggle to earn enough to support their families. Finding jobs that pay well and having access to programs and services for child health care, food, income supplements and other necessities can help families make ends meet.

The right education and training can bridge the gap between prospective workers and employers in high-demand industries such as health and construction.

Creating safe communities with strong resident leaders and access to work and educational opportunities, affordable housing and recreational spaces

Living in high-poverty neighborhoods dramatically reduces educational, job and other opportunities for children and families and results in poor life outcomes.

Current Strategies

Baltimore Civic Site

Building and investing in public, private and community partnerships to improve education, job opportunities, health and neighborhoods for Baltimore City’s kids and families.

Atlanta Civic Site

Building public, private and community partnerships to improve education, job opportunities, health and neighborhoods for Atlanta kids and families in low-income communities.

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In Elev8’s hometown of Baltimore, a disproportionate share of these families live in Black communities and include young people participating in remote learning and programming. To bridge this digital divide, the nonprofit has taken matters into its own hands.

Neighborhood Investment Flows Into Baltimore

This study summarizes investment trends across Baltimore from 2004 to 2016, measuring neighborhood disparities in capital flows. Download the report and read a case study of the East Baltimore Development Initiative, which received more than $1 billion in investment.

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