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Father with teenage son

Apply Now: Support for Meaningful Family Engagement in Juvenile Justice

Now through March 17, 2021, state or local juvenile justice agencies can apply to receive consulting support on developing collaborative relationships with young people and their families. Apply now.

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Making the Case to Reduce Youth Incarceration

JJIE Interviews Nate Balis

Gary Gately of the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange sits down with Nate Balis, who will lead the Foundation’s juvenile justice reforms starting July 1.

No Place for Kids

No Place for Kids: The Case for Reducing Juvenile Incarceration assembles a vast array of juvenile crime statistics and other evidence to demonstrate that incarcerating kids doesn’t work.

Our Focus on Incarceration

Bart Lubow explains why the Foundation is expanding its detention-reform effort to focus on our nation's overreliance on incarceration.