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A family of four — two parents of color each giving a piggy back ride to a young girl of color--simles at the camera.

Thriving Families, Safer Children Embraces a Public Health Approach to System Reform

A national initiative offering support to parents aims to help families avoid child welfare system involvement. Learn more about the approach.

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CWSG: Advancing the Field

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video: applying research to placement practices

Joan Kaufman, Ph.D., of Yale University School of Medicine, on applying research on child development to child welfare placement practices

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presentation: what's best for kids

The Foundation's Tracey Feild says that what's best for kids — living with families — is also good for state budgets. Download her presentation to the National Governors Association.

Ourwork initiatives cwsgimpact whenchildwelfareworks

recommendations to make child welfare work

When Child Welfare Works outlines a policy framework and recommendations to align federal child welfare financing with best practices.